Celebrities That Are Banned From The Met Gala

Celebrities That Are Banned From The Met Gala

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31 May, 2023
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The Met Gala, fashion’s biggest night. The who’s-who of the celeb world all come together dressed to impress, but not all of your favorite celebs are making it on the guest list or have just earned their block from attending future events. So, in this video, we’re spilling all the tea on why you won’t catch some of your favorite celebrities walking up the Met steps and sashaying across the carpet.

We’ve also got a theory of who might not be welcomed back to the infamous gala, following her very public display of breaking Anna Wintour’s “no smoking in the gallery” rule that the editor-in-chief says will have you banned from ever attending the event again. Hint, she was meowing her way through her interviews to match her outfit and her name. Other celebs have been disinvited because of their opinions on the event all together, like Zayn Malik, Tina Fey.

One sure-fire way to be banned for life, is coming for Anna Wintour herself. If you have something not-so-nice to say about the head editor in charge, you can be sure you’ll receive the Tim Gunn experience. Either way, Anna Wintour runs a tight ship and keeps a tight lip when it comes to the Met Gala guest list.

Judging from this list of banned, whether they banned themselves or were uninvited, celebrities, who do you wish would make a come-back to the Met? Let us know in the comments below.
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