James Webb Telescope Terrifying Discovery On WASP-39 B SHOCKS The Entire Space Industry!

James Webb Telescope Terrifying Discovery On WASP-39 B SHOCKS The Entire Space Industry!

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Just a few years ago, astronomers were lucky to discover vague ghosts of planets in distant star systems. Today, astronomers aren't only discovering hundreds of exoplanets; they're also starting to peel away their atmospheres to discover the elements that live inside.

For the first time, scientists have discovered a carbon dioxide sign above a gas giant in another star system. The discovery was made possible by the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), which has allowed scientists to see into faraway skies with more detail than any previous telescope.

NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope has also captured the distinct signature of water, along with evidence for clouds and haze, in the atmosphere surrounding a hot, puffy gas giant planet orbiting a distant Sun-like star.

The observation, which reveals the presence of specific gas molecules based on tiny decreases in the brightness of precise colors of light, is the most detailed of its kind to date, demonstrating Webb’s unprecedented ability to analyze atmospheres hundreds of light-years away. It's a fantastic result on its own. It's also a dress rehearsal for JWST to witness the same phenomenon on smaller, more Earth-like planets.

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