Scientists At CERN Just Announced A TERRIFYING New Discovery! #viral #trending #fyp

Scientists At CERN Just Announced A TERRIFYING New Discovery! #viral #trending #fyp

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Scientists At CERN Just Announced A TERRIFYING New Discovery!

A revolution is about to break out because scientists at the European Center
for Nuclear Research, or CERN, have restarted their cosmic gun, the Large
Hadron Collider.
In light of recent advancements and the rekindled ambitions of particle
physicists, the grand game of discovering the nature of the cosmos has
therefore begun. The collider had been generating signs that the universe
might be concealing something amazing even before it underwent its
What is the origin of the universe? And why does it contain matter as
opposed to antimatter?
Join us as we explore how physicists at CERN just made an incredible
discovery that changes everything!
A decade ago, CERN physicists made headlines around the world when they
found the Higgs boson, a long-sought particle that gives the rest of the
cosmos its mass. What is still missing? Almost everything, according to
optimist physicists
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