The SCARIEST Thing About the James Webb Telescope #shorts

The SCARIEST Thing About the James Webb Telescope #shorts

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21 June, 2024
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What is the Scariest thing about the James Webb Space Telescope? It's Not what it's going to see, it's where it's going to be!

When it launches on December 22, 2021, a rocket is going to send the telescope about one million miles (1.6 million km) from Earth. That's 4 times farther away than the moon. It will be stationed too far from Earth for astronauts to reach.

Whereas the Hubble Space Telescope had many visits from astronauts to service, the James Webb telescope will need to run perfectly from the get-go.

The telescope will have a fuel supply that should keep it stable in orbit for 10 years.

Planning for this scope began over 20 years ago, let's hope for the best!

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