Why NASA Is Worried About The James Webb Data

Why NASA Is Worried About The James Webb Data

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17 October, 2022
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The James Webb Space Telescope is the most sophisticated and advanced space telescope launched. In addition, it is one of the best instruments we have to study exoplanets. Only in its first few months of being operational, Webb has begun a revolution for the exoplanet's community. From revealing the transmission spectrum of an extremely hot gas giant to discovering a super-Earth that possibly harbors a global liquid ocean, the James Webb Space Telescope has already proven what it can do.

But the question is, are we ready to study what the most advanced space telescope will reveal about exoplanets? Unfortunately, the answer to this question is not much on the positive side. Because as per a new study, there is a high risk that astronomers might misinterpret signals from Webb if the current models are not improved. So what's really the problem here? How do astronomers risk misinterpreting the James Webb data? Finally, and most importantly, how can we improve our models to make the best use of Webb's observations?

The 29th episode of the Sunday Discovery Series answers these questions in detail.

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