2024 social media predictions (things are changing)

2024 social media predictions (things are changing)

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how social media is changing in 2024

i've been a content creator for 6ish years now & have witnessed so much change in this industry, especially after the pandemic & the introduction of tiktok. in this video i give you guys the full tea on the things i'm noticing about social media, my predictions on content creation trends, & how this business will change over the years to come.

0:00-3:06 intro + my content creation journey
3:06 it’s becoming harder to make this a full time job
9:01 more ppl doing this out of passion than for money
13:34 boss babes working other jobs
17:33 soft girls marrying for money
19:38 the fall of niches
21:49 relatability is becoming more important
24:43 consistency is still key
26:27 controversial takes will become more popular

podcast version (spotify): https://open.spotify.com/episode/4ndoDNEfuLAsqrmu2LqbMq?si=tMqAZg0sQ0iIqwLHntjv0w

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